I met the most awesome waitress at Old Tume BBQ tonight, not to mention had the best meal in a while. Thanks @jbhenley for a wonderful dinner 😘🍴#oldtimebbq #nomz  (at Ole Time Barbecue)
My favorite 3 ladies! #happyeaster 🐥🐥🐥🐥 @nycolle_govert @bellakurvers @moriahkurvers  (at The Palm Tree)
Happy 21st Birthday to my favorite cowboy and best friend @n84estwoods! I hate that I’m not there to help you make bad decisions but I’ll see you next weekend! 🎉🍻😳😊
Alexia’s 21st! #merica #disfunctionalatitsfinest @alexialipscomb @jbhenley @zchutchi
Me getting ready for finals  (at The Beginning of the End)
And because it’s national sibling day and I have two baby brothers here’s my mini 💛💛 @adamdykema #loveyou #yourethecutest
Happy National Sibling Day @nickdykema 😘😂 #helovesme
Over excited about my free cone 🍦 Thanks @laurenjurczak for coming with me!  (at Ben & Jerry’s - Royal Bakery)
My favorite Mickey Mouse 🐭 #dynamicduos
First time using my fishing pole 🎣 I’m loving this day ☀️ (at Dockside Lake Wheeler)
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